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Columbus' 2012 bicentennial brought people together with foreword thinking ideas who combined hopes and blazed trails that should spawn greater economic prosperity in the future.  The success of this year’s commemorative efforts will give cause for future Columbus celebration forever.

As this year’s bicentennial unfolded, a spotlight began to focus on a number of finalized community embellishments.  There is an impressive list of public improvement projects Columbus unveiled during celebration of the city’s 200 years of existence. These are physical forms of evidence that show a great deal of faith in the future of Columbus and they are the results that will have lasting beneficial impact on the quality of life enjoyed by residents of the central Ohio community in the months and years ahead. 

Major investment was made on the high visibility public enhancements that came to fruition during events in 2012. City leaders turned up the notch on self-promotion and affirmed their progressive determinations, to firmly establish Columbus as a vibrant place to live and work now and in the future.  

Big wheels used 2012 to roll out mega doses of marketing information and share encouraging news about ways future prosperity will continue to be fostered in our Capital City.

The 200 Columbus Bicentennial instigated a lot of neighborhood initiatives and prompted production of monumental history projects, and, there was a ton of celebrating done during the fun community festivals held in conjunction with bicentennial events this year. 

We now have brand new resources like the Columbus Memory Project, which is an extensive on-line archive of Columbus History; and, the Columbus Neighborhoods documentary series, which features the uniqueness and variety of neighborhoods that make up Columbus.

Those important ventures will continue to allow future residents to pay tribute to the past. These gems are keepers and one aspect of what made 2012 such a purposeful commemorative year.  Columbus also used this time to turn years of planning into reality and launch the city into a bright new future with public developments coming on line that made good on promised revitalization of downtown common space areas. 

I feel fortunate to be a benefactor of many of the constructive projects that took shape leading up to this year.  I made sure to attend several of the 2012 dedication ceremonies and watched Columbus proudly deliver new venues to the public.

My enjoyment level each time I go downtown seems to raise a thousand fold.  Among the attractions yearning for my attention and beckoning me to spend a lot more time downtown is the Columbus Commons and Bicentennial Pavilion, as well as the Scioto Mile.

The Columbus Bicentennial Pavilion was hailed as the signature capital project for the city’s 200th year of existence. It was designed by the same firm that designed other famous entertainment venues in other cities, including, the Cirque du Soleil Theater at Disney World. How cool is that?!

The Scioto Mile connects the other improved parks and is located between the east banks of the Scioto River, from the Arena District to the Whittier Peninsula. I have been entering the Scioto Mile pathway from Bicentennial Park, after spending hours playing and splashing around in the spectacular 15,000-square-foot fountain conveniently located in this area.

All of the city’s downtown park redevelopment manifests the significance of the conglomeration of efforts aimed at paving the way for future economic development.  All of these capital projects were very costly. City officials risked pursuing expenditures on public amenities despite the depressed economy. Their confidence is banking on years of positive fallout from these improvements, which is all the more being anticipated now that these additions are beginning to wow crowds.

Once the dust settles on these accomplishments and they are utilized by more and more people, profitable praise should pour in.  The prize is obvious.  Our downtown needed a face lift and these things did seriously improve the city’s appeal.  The combination of upgrades made will do a lot of future good by drawing more residents and businesses to come live and invest in Columbus in the future.

At the top of my list of favorite places to go downtown this year, is the new downtown splash park.  This wet and wild amenity was one of the best improvements made to the riverfront parks area in my humble opinion. I have had so much fun and love that it is so very inexpensive (totally free). This is one reason I am sure Columbus is now fully on course generating grandiose public enthusiasm and will be instilling a lot more pride in C-Town in the future.

The bicentennial events began winding down as the end of 2012 neared. But the public enhancement gifts Columbus received in 2012 leave behind more than enough reasons to make sure to go downtown and enjoy all there is to do there in 2013 and beyond.

I gained additional appreciation in this community while I was being highly entertained and inspired by the progressive leadership that put together each action-packed event tied to the bicentennial agenda.  Though the weather forecast is frightful, I will probably bundle up and head downtown for the 15th annual First Night Columbus New Year’s Eve celebration.   This event moved to the Scioto Mile this year incidentally, and, should be another great party commemorating Columbus’ 2012 celebratory spirit!

Photos pictured with this blog were taken earlier this month, while I was being bedazzled during one of several visits I made to the Columbus Commons and Bicentennial Park this year. These areas will remain lit up with thousands of holiday lights through mid-January.  I highly recommend taking a trip downtown before the light show ends, to get a first-hand glimpse of the sparkling new sights that make Columbus’ shine a whole lot brighter!

The 200Columbus Organizing Committee deserves more than passing mention for achieving a lofty mission!  2012 will be remembered because of the robust and transformative commemoration this committee is credited for having pulled off.  Most importantly, the events they masterminded in 2012 very likely will prove to be the catalyst that ignites greater future economic prosperity.

I pledge to do everything in my personal power, to turn more people on to the excitement of downtown Columbus in 2013.
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    Leslie Schultz Warthman 614.769.3816


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